Teachers Talk About Their Birthday

Christy Clark, Treasa Blalock, and Kelly Jones talked about their birthdays and how they celebrate th

eir birthdays.Clark said that she is planning to celebrate her birthday with her husband and her kids, Blalock said that she wants to go to Disney world, Jones said that she is just going to work.

Clark doesn’t want to change her birthday because she shares her birthday with her husband, Blalock said that she wouldn’t change her birthday because it is in the fall and the fall is her favorite season, Jones said she would rather have her birthday in the summer.

Clark said that she likes her birthday being on this day because it is close to Labor Day, Blalock said yes because it is near the new school year. Jones said no because she would rather have it in the summertime.

Clark said that she wishes that she was skinnier and not fatter, Blalock said that she wishes her kids would

clean the house and cook for her, Jones wishes that she could go on vacation to the beach.