Mitchell demonstrates athletic strengths at DMS

Collin Sherrill, Sports Reporter

Carter Mitchell is a common example of the Duncan Middle School athlete.

Carter Mitchell is a standout athlete at Duncan Middle School. (Megan Bumpas)

Mitchell, a seventh-grade student at DMS, isn’t a one-sport athlete. He plays basketball and football.

“My favorite sport is basketball,” he said.

In basketball, he wears the No. 12. In football, he wears 22.

“I play either basketball or football every day,” Mitchell said.

He is a starter in football, and he may be a starter in basketball when the DMS seventh-grade team starts playing in November. On the football team, Mitchell is a linebacker on defense and a tight end on offense.

In basketball, he is a small forward or a power forward.

“My favorite part of basketball and football is that they are team sports,” Mitchell said. “Also, they turn your attention from everything going on in the world, especially right now.”

He said he has several strengths when it comes to playing basketball. Those strengths may work in Duncan Middle School’s favor when it comes to basketball season.

“One of my strengths is I’m big and left-handed, so they force me left, and I go and take the easy bucket,” Mitchell said. “Another strength is I am a decent shooter, and they leave me open a lot. I hit the shot for my team.”