Honor choir contest postponed

Kristyn Alvarez, Student Life Reporter

The DMS pitchforks, otherwise known as Honor Choir“ were scheduled to have a retreat on Saturday, Feb. 13 and that got canceled, and then were also supposed to have a contest Wednesday, Feb. 17 and that got postponed due to weather. They rescheduled it to the 24th of February, hoping the weather would be well enough to drive and perform in. 

The pitchforks know their contest pieces so they are moving on to another song while in “virtual days“ to help them learn it for their biggest contest in Edmond Santa Fe. The piece they’ve been recently working with is “I’m Still Standing”. Many people know the song through a movie called “SING”. The contest pieces for the upcoming contest is, “If I could turn back time”, “The middle”, and “Found Tonight”. The Pitchforks were sad when they heard their contest was postponed because of weather, but thinking it’s not bad, because they get more time to practice their music. They’ve put in work the last few months for this contest and then started on one for the biggest contest of the year. 

Last year the pitchforks biggest contest would’ve been the one in Branson, but it got canceled due to Covid-19. So this year hopefully they will be able to perform. The weather is supposed to be in the low to high 50’s next week so the snow should melt some, well enough for them to be able to drive in safely. The contest will take place at 8:45 in the morning on Wednesday, so they will miss their first hour and maybe some other classes. They will drive over to the high school to practice before it’s their turn on stage.