Tennis starting back up

Luke McFatridge, Sports Reporter

Spring sports season has begun, and that means tennis has, too. After a few delays at the start of practice, because of the inclement weather, the tennis team started on Tuesday, February 23. Many players are coming out to practice their craft.

Both boys and girls teams are made up of nine kids each. There are one singles, one doubles, two singles, and two doubles. There is also an extra doubles and singles team in case anything were to happen to a team. Players will try out for the teams by winning ‘challenge matches.’ Those kids will be the ones who participate in the tournaments in the season. A team can be switched any time in a season. Jennifer Cobble, an eighth-grade math teacher, is one of the coaches coaching this year. 

“I love coaching tennis. The best part is seeing someone develop from not being able to hit a ball to being able to play out long points,” Cobble said.

Cobble says it is sometimes difficult to coach, and that she coaches most ages of players. She also said that the team is good. 

“We have an amazing group of players this year, both middle school and high school. I am excited to watch them play and compete after not having a season last year.”

Brilen Davis is a seventh-grade player. Davis said that he is excited to start playing and thinks he will make the team. He would rather play doubles and he will continue to play into high school.

“I have a lot of friends that play,” said Davis 

There are seven tournaments for each team, and sometimes the teams will have different tournaments from one another. There will be qualifying meets to get to state, and if the teams do enough there, they can make it to state. The boys’ state tournament will be on May 11, and the girls’ on May 4.