NJHS members reminded about membership requirements

Isaac Pain, General News Reporter

The recent National Junior Honor Society meeting reminded students about the importance of their membership.

NJHS students helped with Fall Fest earlier this year for service points. NJHS recently offered more service opportunities for its members. (Photo Submitted)

As members attended Wednesday’s meeting, they were talked to about the the criteria for their membership, including attending the meetings, keeping up with their grades and getting five service hours every semester. Letters are set to go out to all NJHS members about their service points and grade-point averages.

If members do not keep up with these things, they could be removed from NJHS.

“We need to remind students of the importance of commitment, dedication and hard work when it comes to being a member of NJHS,” Amber Molina, NJHS co-sponsor said. “This is a privilege and in order to be a member, you must be accepted. It is also to enforce the bylaws set forth when you enter NJHS.”

The meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday, instead of the normal Tuesday, because there were conflicts with other meetings and because numerous students were going to be gone for sports. NJHS is a group that has members who must be active.  

In addition to discussing the requirements to maintaining the NJHS membership, the organization sponsors also announced several service opportunities. Many service opportunities were offered to members throughout the year to help them get their service points. Although, they do have the freedom to find their own service opportunities.

The opportunities offered included helping with the City of Duncan’s community clean-up starting at Fuqua Park, cleaning up trash at the Heritage Trails and Halliburton Football Stadium, and helping with the land runs during Frontier Days on April 29.