Robotics competition up in the air

Damon Dillon, Clubs Editor

All year long, the Robotics Team has prepared for the state contest. But with  COVID-19 complications, the competition will be virtual, if it happens at all.

Jeremy Abel tests the coding of his robot, while Cooper Majure and Andrew Potts work on their own robot projects during a Robotics Team meeting. The state competition may be virtual this year, if it doesn’t get canceled. (Submitted Photo)

The Robotics Team meets every Thursday, and four students have been involved with the program all year: Jeremy Abel, Andrew Potts, Cooper Majure and Payton Watt. They have worked all year to build and code their robots for the competition, which is tentatively set for May.

Computer teacher Floyd Brown is the Robotics Team sponsor, and he has been in charge of the group for three years. Brown said he love the being part of the club because he has enjoyed seeing the students coding, creating and developing their robots.

In Robotics, the club members program VH3 robots to perform certain tasks, such as picking something up or moving to a certain place. If the competition does take place, the students will be tested and scored on how well the robots are coded and how the robots preform to their code.

Watt, who is the only sixth-grader on the team, has been involved in the club since the beginning of the year, and she said she has enjoyed it. She said she loved robots and coding them, and she likes tinkering with the controls.

Her favorite part of the Robotics Team is that she is being able to help others figure out problems.

As the school year getting closer to its end, the Robotics Team only has eight meetings left for the year. The club members are still preparing for contest, regardless if it happens this year. All of the students expect to return to the team next year.

Brown believes that the club members will be successful because in the future because they learned how to use and program robots, especially as things move more toward digital and technology-driven fields.