Student Council Shirts For Sale


Brendan Heilman

many Student Council Shirts in boxes in Sonia Norton’s classroom

Brendan Heilman and Lillian Thomason

 The Duncan Middle School T-Shirts are on sale now! This year these T-Shirts will be Available all through this school year. Although there might be gaps in between when you can get them due to the school running out of T-Shirts for students to buy. 



Students can only get them if they fill out the form for the t-shirts and give it to Mrs. Barker. They can get the form from Mrs. Barker or the Office. If you need a size the school does not have, bring your form to Mrs. Barker and she will order the size you need.


The style of the shirt doesn’t appeal to many of the teachers but the students love them. On the back there is a demon standing in a pile of masks with the words “Leaving the masks behind!” Like the schools’ 


Pushover (as requested by Mrs. Davis)Barbra Davis said, “with regards to the students, I think they relate to it. They prefer not to wear a mask, hoping our school year is healthy and we stay open but look at how many of your fellow students and teachers are gone.” 

Derrick Miller said “ I like the student council T-shirts. They are comfy. I also like the design done by Mrs. Farrar.”

Mystic knight said, “I love the design, it looks nice.”

A student who wished to remain anonymous said “the t-shirts have a riveting design. It is really nice ”

Cecil Jones said, “I think that the T-shirts look schwifty.”

Stacy Turner said “I think that there could be fewer masks in the design so the rest can be bolder but the design is good. I really like it. Mrs. Farrar is a good artist.”

Prices for the shirts are as followed:

(adults) Small-15$ Medium-15$ Large-15$ X Large-15$ 2X Large-16$ 3X Large-17$ 4X Large-18$