“Students of robotics club enjoy the comradeship.”


Damon Dillon

Floyd Brown poses for a photo after getting his second COVID-19 shot

 The robotics club is starting up for the 2021-2022 school year so anybody who wants to join can. The competition is some time at the end of the semester but the date is still to be determined. The students who have been in robotics have all said that they loved robotics and that the competition has always been fun.


  Mr, Floyd Brown, the ‘leader’ of the Robotics Club, says: “The meeting starts every Thursday after school, and Friday during the win. First, Lego® Robotics introduces students to STEM through fun hands-on learning. During this, students will gain team-building skills and solve real-world problems through Robotics.” To join please contact Mr. Brown by emailing: [email protected]g or come to room 242.

Anyone may join because as Mr. Brown said, he is, “Open to all students.”

As of right now, the robotics competition has no date this moment but it is sometime in November.


Jeremy Abel, who has been in Robotics for 2 years, said “We complete challenges in a certain amount of time with bots and lego. There are also points for every challenge. The more points, the closer the club will get to be in, and competing in regionals.“



Former robotics student Cooper Majure said “ yeah I loved robotics and it was entertaining and fun I loved messing around with the projects and the competition was fun too. When I was in robotics I had so much fun I came to every meeting and it didn’t even feel like I was there for a long time and I had too much fun every time I miss going to the robotics club meetings and I miss my friends in robotics if you can you should join if you can”


The robotics club students have always loved the robotics club. and highly recommend that you join.