the new NJHS officers



This year in the NJHS officer election,

the people that are in office are:


This year’s President is: Hailey Potts 


This year’s Vice President is: Raelynn Crow


This year’s Secretary is: Brandt Stocking


This year’s Treasurer is: Ava Scott


This year’s Reporter is: Kaylee Miller 


This year’s Parliamentarian is: Cainan Knight 


In NJHS the elected president makes sure all offices are running, they make sure all officers are being trained and are happy in training, and try to listen to all opinions. 


This year in the NJHS officer election

The people that were running for office are:                                       

President: Hailey Potts Chesnee Robinson


Vice President: Raelyn Crow, Lyrica Robinson, Lucy Spoering


Secretary: Mya Padilla, Kailyn Smith, Brandt Stocking


Treasurer: Brooklynn Pruitt, Ava Scott


Reporter: Caseley Adams, Kaylee Miller

                                  Parliamentarian: Cainan Knight

Parliamentarian Cainan Knight said ”I plan to listen to the people and do what they ask me. I plan to help the other officers as they want”


Secretary brandt stocking said” I am still deciding on what I am going to do but I do have some ideas. As a secretary I would attend every single meeting I can and do the best of my ability to listen and take notes of everyone’s thoughts and ideas. I will also be a leader for all the newcomers to NJHS”


Treasurer ava scott said ‘’ I plan to help this school become even better than it already is. I will make sure to help everyone in need that I can, and I will try my hardest to get along with them as well. I will be respectful, patient, and kind to everyone in this school. I will try to come to every meeting, and I will be involved in everything that I can be involved in. ‘’


NJHS reporter Kaylee Miller said” As NJHS reporter my plans are to give everyone accurate news and information about NJHS.  As an NJHS officer my job is to have good grades, be responsible, be a good example for other students, and be a good person in general, and that’s what I plan to do.”

NJHS President Hailey Potts said”My plans as an NJHS officer and President are to make sure I try to come to every meeting and event. I make good choices during class and everywhere I go, I keep up my good grades, and have a good attitude towards others. I also want to make sure I set a good example to the sixlets”

Hailey Potts also seems to like frogs