Wifi connection problems take over DMS

Joelliza Fincher and Reyna Murillo

Chromebooks show that the internet is not connected

Duncan Middle school has been having multiple problems with the internet every day, running to Ms. Gee every hour wondering why. The alleged reason for the internet acting up is people using their school-funded hotspots, plugging things in the phone jacks in the walls, and overall messing up everything. These problems have persisted for about two weeks and students and teachers are frustrated about these problems. Ms. Gee, the librarian and the teacher for library skills said “the problem the internet was going down is because there was an internet connection that the Chromebooks weren’t supposed to connect to, it had a bad IP address that messed up the connection” “people having their hotspots on doesn’t actually mess up the problem, but luckily we got the technology to block the IP address and that’s why we haven’t had as many problems”

There are many people that are connected to the internet that are not supposed to that may be the cause of the problem. But people can still get their work done no matter what on offline documents, on paper, and take notes in a composition notebook. Luckily we have the wifi problem solved and we should be able to get back online without having any problems with the internet.