Art club is this years newest club


Brendan Heilman and Lillian Thomason

This year has a brand new club called the Art Club. In this club, all students get to paint, draw, color, and sketch,

The art club starts at 3:15 pm on Monday and Wednesday 

This room’s teacher is Mrs.Farrar. 

She teaches people how to paint, draw, paper mache and. Even anatomy, religion, math, science, etc.

Jude Frye says: we all also write get well cards if someone is sick and Mrs. Farrar is so kind she always buys us extra clothes for painting and she always buys us new sketchbooks and all kinds of art supplies for us to practice and she helps us with anything we need, so far she is one of my most favorite teachers in the school. 

To get into the art club you must get the sign-up paper from Mrs. Farrar or go to her room where there should sign-up papers on a desk outside and you must pay the $20 fee to join the art club.

In art club, they usually watch anime, nature video´s, drawing videos, cartoons, and youtube to get drawing idea´s

They also print out pictures of games, cartoons, and anime to get an idea of what to draw, paint, and other things for their activities. for their activities, they usually watch movies and nature stuff to draw the characters and animals

Andrew potts say: I love art club. After all, I get to stay at school longer to avoid the stress at home because at school I get to see all of my friends and we all hang out and chill in the art club after school. and, the art club teacher MRS Farrar lets us pick what we want to do, and then after that, we get to do whatever we want we even get to play on our phones because it is after school.