DMS students share what they did on Thanksgiving

Delilah Ballard and Charlee Lafee

Thanksgiving has just passed and everyone has done different things. Each family has its traditions and most prefer to hang out with their family. At Duncan Middle School, students and staff members are off that whole week of Thanksgiving, this gives everyone a chance to do their traditions. Which one do you prefer for Thanksgiving, ham or turkey? 

Eric Hernandez, a DMS 7th-grade student, explains how his thanksgiving break is. He says he wasn’t that busy this break and mostly stayed at home. He says, “Most of my break consists of waking up, eating, showering, getting comfy, and repeating.” He also explains how his thanksgiving went; he says, “This Thanksgiving, I went to a restaurant in a town that I don’t know the name of. I also got to see some of my family members.” He says he is very grateful for his family and friends. 

8th-grade social studies teacher, David Alston, wanted to say what he did for his Thanksgiving break. Alston explained that his break was fantastic and that he got to spend time with his favorite people, his family. He said, “ I went out of town to go to Florida and had fun celebrating my daughter’s birthday while there.” David Alston’s favorite thing was that he got to spend Thanksgiving at the beach with his family of course. 

Joslen Wininger, a DMS 7th-grade student, speaks about how her break went. She explained that she had a good break, she got to hang out with some family, and she did the basics over break. Wininger said, “I went to Tulsa to see family that I rarely see once a year, so it was nice seeing them.” Joslen Wininger said that her favorite thing would have to be that she got to sleep in other than that she gotta see her family. 

Shay Stewart, the 7th-grade science teacher, expresses how her Thanksgiving break went. She says, “My Thanksgiving break was good. I got to do whatever I wanted and didn’t have to worry about school.” She got a chance to go to the Bedlam game and she was excited the Cowboys, OSU won. She also got to decorate for Christmas at her house.  

Thanksgiving means a lot to some others and some people just see it as another day. Thanksgiving is a national holiday and a time to celebrate the harvest and other blessings in the past years. Since this past Thanksgiving has passed it has been going on for 400 years and will keep going on. 

Shay Stewart decides smiles big to get her picture taken
Shay Stewart