P.E. creates a new curriculum

Carson Hoodenpyle

P.E. recently went under a huge curriculum change. Starting this week, P.E. will undergo a change in scenery. The class will now take place in the wrestling room two days a week, for every other day until Friday, which has always been a free day for the class. In the wrestling room, students will learn about the designated sport picked for that unit. The days of the week when you’re in the gym will be spent doing the unit that’s being taught in the wrestling room.

The first student interviewed Aimery Brady about it, and he said now they’ll do drills. One day they’ll do basketball or baseball and then the next day the girls will do it, and the boys will be in the wrestling room. He said on Friday, they’ll probably just play dodgeball or something like that. He thinks they just got bored of having everyone do the same activities all the time. He thinks it was both a good and bad idea. He said instead of just having a free day every day, they’ll do actual activities. He said he thinks he’ll like it better now. 

Another person interviewed was Addison Richards, and she said that now they work on basketball drills. She thinks that the curriculum changed because the coaches wanted to try new things. She thinks that it’s a good idea that the curriculum changed because they can learn more about the sport. Overall, she likes the change.

The last person  interviewed was  Billy McClinton, and he said that it’s not right because now they have to worry about being good at the sport. He doesn’t know why the curriculum changed, and he thinks the change was a horrible idea because PE should be more about fun than learning. Overall he doesn’t like the change, and he thinks it’s bad.

In conclusion, for the most part, the change seems like a good idea. Most of the students think they’ll have fun, but one of them thinks he won’t like it. The new change adds more education to PE while also still having the activity aspect. Overall, students seem to like the change.