NJHS hosts annual canned food drive


three cans and a box of macaroni that was donated to the canned food drive

There is going to be a canned food drive to refill the food pantry. If you do not know what the food pantry is, it is where students get food from the school.

The food pantry needs the non-perishable following items:

canned veggies, beans, green beans, corn, peas, pork, any canned meats, ramen, drinks, fruit, powerade, gatorade, canned ravioli, sparkling water, spaghetti with meat sauce, etc. This is just a list of items. You can bring them to Mr. Miller’s room (Room 256) or to the Office. In the last canned food drive the goal was at least 200 cans and we got about 3,000. The school’s goal this year is to beat Horace Mann and get at least 7,001 cans. If you can give to the canned food drive that would help the school and the student body in it. Right now you can give it to them but it ends on April 21.

So in conclusion it is important to refill the food pantry so if you can please donate what you can to the school.


Delilah Ballard says, “I think the canned food drive is a good thing. It helps students to get their points very easily. Just with the food going mad in the closet this is something that will help the school very much. And I think these students are very lucky to get a supper club at the end of the week.”