Dodgeball Tournament

Berkley Morris

Every year DMS puts on a dodgeball tournament for the students on the last few days of school to celebrate the end of the school year and raise money for the student council. Student council puts it on so they can raise money for their trips and things they put on during the school year. 

Elijah Florez is a 6th grade student at DMS, Florez will be joining a team with his friends. He will also be competing against other students. He stated, “I think we have a dodgeball tournament to bring us together as well as help to raise money for the student council.”

 Alan Maldenado is another 6th grade student who will be participating in dodgeball. Maldenado  stated, “I am very excited to do the tournament because dodgeball is my favorite thing to play at school.”

He also stated. “ I am excited to get people out and have fun hanging out with all of my friends as well as meeting new people on the team.”

Teams consist of 8 players that work together and try to win by playing dodgeball. The event is held during the last week of the school year in the gym. Every grade is invited to participate, however you have to be eligible to play and compete. 

He went on to say. “ I’m really excited to throw the ball hard and also get people out because I like playing dodgeball.”

Florez and Maldenado both agree that having fun is the most important thing in dodgeball as well as playing fair and being kind to not only the people on your team but also the other people who will be competing against you. 

In conclusion, dodgeball is a tradition at the middle school that is beneficial to both the students as well as student council because it raises money for student council, as well as entertains the students and allows them to have fun.