Eating declines during wrestling season

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Jentry Seeberger
Nathan Henry has cut back on what he eats because of wrestling season.

Editor’s Note: In lieu of Nathan Henry’s “Food Critique” weekly column, Henry is focusing on the lack of food resulting from his participation in wrestling season.

When you wrestle you can’t really eat that much food. And it sucks.

Nathan Henry

I know you’re probably saying to yourself this dewd is crazy, but you’re not going to think so after I explain it to you.

When you wrestle you have to make a certain weight that you have to maintain throughout the season. When that kicks into effect, you have to eat light, healthy and clean.

You always need to workout, and you have to stay in best condition possible. Wrestling is one of the toughest sports out there, so you have to be in physical shape for battle.

I wrestle. This is my fourth year. My dad did so before me. And my brother did, too. We all are light weights, and we are all in amazing shape. We can maintain a great physical body.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is wrestling is a sport that requires you to be in great physical shape, have great balance and stamina.

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Not eating during the season is hard, especially when you eat out as much as my family does. Currently, I’m on a lettuce diet. If you don’t know what that is, that’s where you eat salads, lettuce rolls. You can’t eat anything with bread.

I can’t have the chips and queso when we go to Mexican food restaurants. I can’t really even eat fruit because they’re high in sugar.

My cheat meals are protein bars.

So do you still think I’m crazy?

I love wrestling. I really like getting to beat people up and staying in ideal shape with muscle tone and agility. I am really good at it, but I train hard and stay in great physical shape. Wrestling will forever be my No. 1 sport.

See you guys soon.

Signed by the muscle man Nathan Henry.