Choir Christmas Concert

Aspen Condit and Jessica Hernandez, Performing Arts

Christmas is a very well-known holiday. Most people enjoy this holiday in Duncan and all around the world, but here at Duncan Middle School, it’s a bit unique.

Choir performs music as a way to express their Christmas Spirit! To express it they invite everyone around Duncan to come and hear them sing. 

This 2019-2020 school year they have prepared a very special concert for those who want to come listen and participate! 

  Several choir students were interviewed to see their experiences and their feelings about the concert and music. 6 choir students were interviewed about the concert. 

They were first asked as a group “When and where the concert is going to be held?” they said “The Simmons Center at 7:30, December 19th.”

The next question asked was “What music have you guys received?” they answered “Silent night, Seasons of the light, and Rings of the bells.” 

Then they were asked “What’s your favorite song you are playing?” they all answered “Definitely silent night.” Next they were asked do you think the songs are easy or hard? They said “Pretty easy”. The last question asked was “How do you think the choir has been doing as a whole?” They answered “We’ve been doing pretty well.”

   Don’t forget to go watch the choir on December 19th at the Simmons Center, they will be putting on a great show!