First Semester At Duncan Middle School

Paige Corcorran and Pamela Nieto

As many of yall know the semester is coming to an end. Some of the teachers at Duncan Middle School were interviewed to see how there first semester went. Lavonna Funkhouser and Marinda Cook were the teachers who were interviewed.

They were both asked the same questions. The first question was “how was your first semester?” Funkhouser said that it is something that she will have to adapt to. Cook said it went very well in till benchmark testing.

The second question was “Do you think next semester will be the same?” Funkhouser said that it will not be the same because she is going to make some new changes. Cook said “I hope that it will be better if we make some changes.”

The final question was “Do you want to change any rules or anything?” Funkhouser said that yes she is going to change the rules and how she teaches her classes. Cook  no because they are well behaved (they just don’t seem to work hard)

Hope you all have a great christmas break and see yall next year when we come back!!!