Soccer creates social connections, friendships

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

I have played a lot of sports in my life, but one sport that I’ve played ever since I was 5 years old is soccer.

Sydney Miller

I have kept with this sport for all of my life, and it is my personal favorite sport. When I was 5, I played on a small Duncan team with about six other girls on it. As I got older, my team got smaller, and we had to combine teams with other small Duncan teams.

I have played on about five different soccer teams so far.

The current team I play on is a traveling soccer team named “Lady Indios.” This is a U16 league, meaning we play against players ranging from around 13-16 years old. Our team is very close because we have been together for about three years, and the majority of our team is about the same age.

Our team goes to every tournament and 3v3 summer tournament that we are able to play in, and we’re always looking forward to games and practices. We even get together over the weekends sometimes just to play some soccer for fun.

I am looking forward to playing school soccer next year at the high school, and when I get to high school I will play on both the Duncan high school team and the Lady Indios at the same time.

However, I do not plan on playing soccer after high school because I want to be able to put all my focus on school during my college years.