Cheer is not a sport

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Editor

Cheerleading is not a sport.

Karsen Cogburn

By all means, I agree that competitive cheerleading is a sport, but not a school cheer team.

Cheerleaders do a lot. I won’t disagree with that, but not enough to be classified as a sport. Why I think this is not a sport is because it doesn’t take much effort.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment.

Eighth-grade cheerlearder Ava Miller said, “You think it’s easy to lift a 90-pound person?”

Yes, I do because you have help.

It doesn’t take much effort or strength to lift up someone’s leg and lift them in the air. Tumbling and competitive cheer is but NOT school cheerleading.

The cheerleaders think that it’s a sport, but they will do the wrong cheers for the play. Miller didn’t know what a first down was until today. Like what are we teaching them?

Yes, they bring a lot of school spirit, but get the right cheers done. Come to me when you know what you’re doing please and thank you.