Solution needed for canceled sports games

Luke McFatridge, Sports Reporter

As most of you know, sometimes there can be a game of a sport canceled due to the COVID-19 virus.

Luke McFatridge

Basketball, football and other sports this year have had games canceled because of various reasons. These result in missing games and disappointed players. However, there can be a solution to these missing games and tournaments.

It could be helpful if these games could be made up.

Once quarantines wrap up and players are ready, they could play their games. However, this can’t be easy.

Schools can disagree, and organizing is difficult. They also might be unwilling to host and put on these events, and also unwilling to have their players play.

It can result in the best, however.

They can get their full amount of games in, and players can be satisfied. Players will be grateful that they have a season to play in. It can be a simple fix that can help sports seasons be saved.