Baseball Starting up at DMS

Hayden Irby, Sports Reporter

Baseball practice is set to begin either Feb. 8 or 9, and every baseball player is excited, including myself.

Hayden Irby

Baseball is my favorite sport and I love playing the game. I’m so ready for the season to start. I’m ready to get into shape to play and hopefully I can make varsity.

This season is gonna be fun in my opinion because Coach Seth Tinley is funny and Coach Eddie Mullins is cool.

Last year I played and sadly I didn’t make varsity, but this years gonna be different. I’m going to try harder, and my grades will stay up so I’m not ineligible. I will actually be able to play my position.

I can play whatever position the coaches put me at, but I’m good at catcher, centerfield, shortstop and second base sometimes pitcher. I like pitching, but it hurts my arm because I used to catch and my arm is messed up from throwing the ball to second base.