Track season gets underway

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

Track season has recently started, and I personally have been looking forward to it for quite a while now.

Sydney Miller

I think the fact that it was cancelled so early last year has only led me to want to do it more. The cancellation has also made me want to work harder, because you never know if the season will get cancelled before it ends. Last year, we only got to go to two different meets, one out of town and one in Duncan.

Last year the main events I ran were the 400, 400 relay, the 800, and the 100 hurdles. This year, I would like to keep on doing the 400 and 400 relay, and improve my times on those two by a lot.

I only did hurdles at one meet last year, so this year I would love to get to run hurdles at every meet. Although the short 400 meter and hurdles races are my favorite, this year I’m hoping to try and run the one mile race as well.

Track meets are probably the most fun places to be in my opinion. Depending on the events you do, you only have to run for less than about 10 to 15 minutes for the entire day, not at the same time. In the moments that you’re not racing, you can watch your friends race, eat snacks and hangout, or even just take a nap.

Plus, you get to skip school for that entire day.