How to prepare for the test and what to expect

Gena Parker, Academics Editor

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State testing got underway this morning with the eighth-grade science test.

Each state test is a way to show how the school is performing and also shows other ways our teachers can teach their students.

Gena Parker
Jaiden Waid said she is ready for state testing.

Part of doing your best on the test you need to get plenty of rest the night before so you feel well rested and don’t fall asleep during the test. When you wake up refreshed in the morning you also need to eat a good breakfast so you aren’t hungry or feel sick.

Eighth-grade student Jaiden Wade talked about why it is important to get enough sleep and a good breakfast.

“Rest helps you focus and helps your memory and you feel nauseous if you don’t eat,” Waid said.

Testing can become extremely stressful with people with test anxiety but as long as you think good thoughts you’ll be just fine.

Waid said she doesn’t like testing because it’s stressful for students and teachers.

“Testing is irrelevant,” she said.

Although she does understand that a lot of stress is tied to the tests, she said she thinks she’ll do well on them.

“I feel like I’m prepared and I feel like I’ll do well,” Waid said. “State testing can be easy but it can also be hard if you don’t prepare enough so take your time and read everything carefully.”