First eligibility list of the year runs

Ayden Belveal, Academics Reporter

Ayden Beveal
Jacob Morales gives a thumbs up during class.

As the school year kicks off, that means the first eligibility list runs, too. The first eligibility list came out Monday, and lots of students are facing problems now that the list is officially out.

Three lists are released each week, one per grade level. This week, seventh grade has the lowest number of ineligible students with 32 names on the list. Sixth grade came in second with 51 names on the list. Eighth grade has the most, racking up 56 students with at least one failing grade.

Principal Rodney Strutton talked about how he felt about the number of students on the list.

Ayden Beveal
A bulletin board in the hallway gives encouragement to students to do their best.

“There are way too many kids on the list, but I understand at the beginning of the school year a lot of kids are still in a summer state of mind.,” Strutton said.

When students are in the eligibility list, they are ineligible to participate in school sports and various school functions, such as attending school dances.

Although there may be a large of students on the ineligible list, Strutton made sure to inform students that as long as they do their work and turn it in on time, he can almost guarantee they will not fail.

This year, the middle school added a W.I.N. class to help teachers with student interventions and enrichment. This period provides an opportunity for students to work on classes they may be struggling in.