W.I.N. aids in student achievement

Ayden Belveal, Ady Meek, and Adel Mohammed

Ady Meek
Students gather for their W.I.N. class.

Have you ever struggled with a certain subject or assignment in school, but did not have the time to ask your teacher for help? 

Well you’re in luck, because this year at DMS, students have been given a new class, called W.I.N.

“The purpose of adding W.I.N. class this year was to try to figure out what we could do as a staff to best serve the kids. We wanted something that we could do to give them (students) a better chance to have academic success,” Principal Rodney Strutton said.

“There have been several different similar types of classes over the years, but none of them have been done quite this way, and certainly not with the expectations that are currently being placed on it,” Strutton said.

W.I.N. is a 25 minute class between second and third hour. During W.I.N, students can finish any missing assignments or go to any core class to get help with anything they may be struggling with. It takes place every day of the school week, except on Mondays, due to late start Monday.

“We hope that students will take advantage of this opportunity to get the help, or to further their knowledge and interests in their classes,” he said.