Students talk about which class gives them the most homework

Adel Mohammed , Ayden Belveal, and Ady Meek

Ayden Belveal
Students work in Marinda Cook’s class.

At Duncan Middle School, some students claim that their homework is starting to overload them. With these claims being made, students weighed in which classes give them the most work. Here are the results.

Jaylee Phillips, a sixth-grader, said, “The class that gives me the most work is science.”

Phillips told us the reasoning behind this was, “science gives out a lot of paper, and sometimes I don’t get it finished in class so I get it for homework.”

Ava Johnson is in 7th grade this year. She claimed that Journalism gives her the most work, because “there is a lot to do.”

Nick Hacknoy is in 8th grade this year. He said that the class that gives him the most work is math, because it “gives me homework.”

It is safe to say that every person in every grade has a different opinion on their assignments. With all that being said, let us know what grade you are in and how you like your assignments so far in the comments below, or email us at [email protected]