STEM students present to Halliburton staff

Ayden Belveal and Ady Meek

Submitted Photo
Sponsors in the community are recognized by the Duncan Public Schools Foundation for supporting the STEM program.

Last Friday, November 8th, some of the middle school STEM students got the opportunity to go to the high school to present some of their projects they have been working on to some of the staff at Halliburton. 

Three seventh grade girls, Ava Miller, Ava Johnson and Kristyn Alvarez presented a maze that they made in their STEM class. 

Three eighth grade students also presented their different projects. Two of them, Ayden Belveal and Henry Spoering, presented their CO2 cars, while Jillian Swor presented her “master bedroom suite” that she designed for her class.

The presentation was about 30 minutes long, and once it was over all of the students who participated got tickets to see a free movie and a gift card for coffee. 

Overall the presentation seemed to be a huge success for the STEM students and we can’t wait to see what they will do in the future!