DMS seventh grade enrolls for eighth grade

Ayden Belveal, Chelsea Castro, and Ady Meek

 On Feb. 19 during WIN, the current DMS seventh graders got called out of class to enroll for their eighth grade year.  

Bubba Clark explains enrollment papers in a picture taken by Bryce Chaires.

During the enrollment session, the teachers explained all of the different electives they could choose from, and went over all of their expectations for next year. 

Christy Clark, one of the eighth grade ELA teachers, explained her class expectations and rules a little more, saying, “Some advice I would give to my upcoming students would be to have a good work ethic, and also try new things. In eighth grade English my upcoming students should prepare to have more homework than what they had the previous year. A couple simple expectations I have for my students are, first, to always bring your stuff. Second, always be on time, and lastly finish your work before it’s due.”  

Two of the current seventh graders, Reece Imel and Hannah Woods, enrolled on Wednesday as well. Reece said, “ I am excited for eighth grade because I get to do sports again.” Reece, almost standing at the five feet mark, said that one of his main hopes for next year is to grow. His second goal is to get all A’s the whole school year. He also said, “Next year will be different for me because I get to be one of the NJHS officers.” 

Hannah Woods, the other seventh grader we interviewed, said, “I am very excited for eighth grade because I’m one step closer to getting out of middle school. My main goal next year is to get good grades. I really hope my eighth grade year is different from my seventh grade year because I don’t really like seventh grade.”

For any seventh graders enrolling, you can officially enroll on Infinite Campus here. The deadline to enroll is Friday, March 13th, so make sure you meet the deadline.

If you are currently a seventh grader, let us know your opinions on going into eighth grade in the comments section down below or email us here!