DMS moves to distance learning

Ady Meek, Academics Editor

At the end of the school day March 12, all the DMS students had one thing on their minds: Spring Break. They were set to return back to school March 23, but only a couple days into Spring Break those plans changed. 

Because of the many cases of Coronavirus that hit Oklahoma not long after Spring Break started, the Oklahoma State Board of Education closed all public schools in Oklahoma until April 6th. As the numbers of cases increased in Oklahoma, as well as the rest of the United States, it was decided that all schools would close the remainder of the year to prevent the spread of the virus.

With schools being closed the remainder of the year, the Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to move toward distance learning instead.

Although many students were excited about the closure of schools, there were many students that had a different opinion on it. 

Emily Hallford, a sixth-grader at DMS this year, said, “ I don’t think I have ever missed school this much before. It’s really been a change with sports and social distancing and just not being able to see all my friends, but it’s kind of good to have a break (but not for this long).

“I think online school will be pretty good. The thing I miss most about school is just seeing all my friends and (most) of my teachers.”

Another DMS student, Vivienne Albin, who is currently in seventh grade, has concerns about distance learning.

“I feel like school getting cancelled was a good idea, but distance learning wasn’t because half of the people are either not doing it or don’t have Wifi at home,” Albin said. “The thing I miss most about going to school is hanging out with my friends, and I miss seeing Coach Wortham.”

Christy Clark, one of the eighth-grade ELA teachers, also gave her opinion over everything going on.

“I have mixed feelings about our nation’s current situation,” Clark said. “I totally understand the need for social distancing and long term quarantine, and am enjoying my big kids being home instead of at college, but I seriously hate not getting to just be at school. However, I was excited that they suspended testing for this year. That was most definitely a plus.

“I’m thankful we get the opportunity to at least do some sort of school because students are going to potentially lose many skills before August without some sort of engagement with learning. I do not like not getting to actually ‘teach.’  That part is a bummer.”

Clark also said she misses interacting with her students every day.

“I know a lot of students just think I’m cranky and mean, but I am really nice, and thrive off getting to greet you guys and have conversations during the passing periods,” Clark said. “Not only do I miss the relationships with the students, but also really miss my teammates.”

With that being said, it seems that the students and staff at DMS all have mixed emotions about the topic of distance learning.

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