Coronavirus affects students’ school year

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

With the Coronavirus impacting the world that we know, things can be a bit confusing.

This 2020-21 school year has left many teachers and students wondering, “When is the school going to shut down?” This may happen, but a lot of kids are already doing their school at their house.

A student works on an art project in class. All students at Duncan Middle School are required to wear masks this year. (Jackson Poage)

Here at DMS, some safety measures include mandatory masks, temperature checks, and quarantining if exposed to or getting the Coronavirus. This helps keep the students safe.

Another good thing we have this year is fall sports. This helps the students feel a sense of normalcy. Fans are allowed at these events. But there are downsides. Some students do not like the masks.

“They’re not that great,” says Jacob Conn.

The temperature checks are not really bad for most of the students, which is OK. Temperature checks happen before school, in P.E., band, and sports. Another bad thing is virtual.

Now virtual itself is not bad, but kids switch in and out of it, which really confuses the teachers about who is here and who is not here. The kids like virtual, then they decide they want to see their friends, then want to go back to virtual, and it can get confusing real quick.

Back to the sports topic. Sports can make kids feel like they are in a normal school year, or at least part of one. Fall sports were almost moved to spring, but it was eventually decided to proceed as planned. This helps some kids who play fall and spring sports, because they would have to choose one or the other. It also helps teachers because they would have too many kids missing for sports.

Another thing that kids are waiting for is if the school will shut down. It could help if all the kids got coronavirus, stayed home for two weeks, and then we would be immune to coronavirus. Then we could continue a completely normal school year. This sounds stupid, and it probably is.

So the coronavirus affects this school year in a big way, no matter what happens.