Perkins discusses alcohol with health classes

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Officer Chris Perkins talks to health students about drugs and alcohol as part of their daily lesson. (Presley Sanders)

This week, the health classes learned about drugs and alcohol from resource officer Chris Perkins, who stepped in a special

Officer Chris Perkins serves as a guest speaker for the health classes. (Presley Sanders)

guest speaker.

This was Perkins’ first time talking to Andrew Bower’s health classes. Perkins gave his talk Wednesday to first, third and fifth hours. Today, he talked to second and fourth hour students, who he didn’t get to talk to the day before.

Because Perkins is an officer, he was invited to talk to the health classes so student could get a different point of view, looking at a police officer’s perspective. Perkins has experience of dealing with people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

He said the average percent of alcohol in someone’s blood, when they start to die, is 40 percent. Perkins said he personally met a person who was heavily under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol content of 35 percent, yet the person felt totally normal and was able to speak coherently and walk like a normal person.

“Those kids of people are what we professionals call alcoholics,” Perkins said.

Perkins talked about many other things during his time visiting the health classes. Some of those things included drinking and driving, and the consequences of that action. He went on to discuss how people can get their licenses taken away if they are under the influence of alcohol while driving, which is one of many reasons why people shouldn’t drink and drive.