CO2 cars due Friday

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Some students at Duncan Middle School have decided to participate in the CO2 car races.

Rosie Castle shows off the CO2 car kits that students were able to purchase to compete in the upcoming CO2 car races. The races are set for Nov. 17. (Diesel Mason)

If students wanted to compete in the race, they purchased a car kit from STEM teacher Rosie Castle. This Friday, the students’ kit have to be turned in to Castle.

She may accept partially late cars, but the race is Nov. 17, which means the cars should be ready by then. Only five DMS students have turned in their car kits so far.

This CO2 race is a nationwide thing. People from all around the country will participate in this race in areas near them. Usually schools around Stephens County come to participate in the race that Duncan competes in.

There are about 30 to 40 students from each school that usually show up for the Duncan event.

This year, the official race will be hosted by the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation in the Simmons Center.

Students participating in the event will get to leave their classes to watch their cars race against cars from both their own school and others. The CO2 cars that the students turned in will be judged by four categories: how they do in the races, which ones look the coolest (judged by the peers also entering the race), how accurate your sketch is, and how everything comes together overall

Based on how they do, the students are able to earn big amounts of money. Last year, a DMS student, now a high school student, won a total of $900 in the race.

Due to COVID-19, some changes will have to be made to keep students, teachers, and staff safe. Although no major differences will be in effect, some small changes will have to be made.

Masks will be required when you enter the building and all throughout the race. It may be hard, but students and teachers should practice social distancing as much as possible while in the building and around other schools.