DMS science classes use lab sparingly

Damon Dillon, Academic Reporter

The Duncan Middle School science lab isn’t get much use this year, although there are multiple science and STEM classes that usually it.

Autumn Gordon talks about science classes not using the lab much this school year. (Damon Dillon)

Autumn Gordon, an eighth-grade science teacher, said there are several reasons science class are not using the lab as much this year.

Gordon said one of the main reason is that there are no enough materials, and the school cannot provide them. Usually, those materials are bought by the teachers. Instead, the classes are doing projects in the classroom that are way smaller with the students brining most of the supplies.

This allows them to do group and hands-on projects within their table group when possible.

Gordon said the students will use the lab in the future, but she is not sure when or what projects the eighth-grade classes will do. When they use it, there will be protocols in place because of COVID-19, which will require all the students in the lab to clean the things they use and stay in the seats they were assigned.