Academics align with Thanksgiving celebration

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

Art students work on pictographs as their latest art project. (Sydney Miller)

In the last week before Thanksgiving Break, some of the teachers did special projects and assignments as a way to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Art teacher Shelly Farrar wanted to stray away from the traditional hand-turkey type of craft, so her classes worked on a project that related more to Native American Heritage Month than Thanksgiving.

Students wrote their own stories about whatever they wanted, and then they rewrote their original story using Native American symbols and pictographs. They then painted these pictograph stories onto a paper bag that had been crumpled until the paper was soft.

These projects were called buffalo hide paintings.

In eighth-grade, the English teachers were also taking a different approach to celebrating Thanksgiving in their classes.

Students worked on a creative writing assignment, where they posed as a turkey named Tom and tried to escape from being eaten for dinner.