Sixth-grade students participate in Education Station

Stacy Smith talks to sixth-grade students during Education Station on Friday. (Presley Sanders)

Sixth-grade Education Station students met Friday for their December project.

Every month, gifted students are pulled for Education Station, where they get to do projects that both help the community and give students a fun opportunity to learn about valuable lessons. Stacy Smith runs the program at Duncan Middle School.

The three grades rotate with sixth-grade student going the first Friday of each month. Seventh grade will be this week. Eighth-grade will follow next week.

During the sixth-grade project, the students used materials available to make up pop-up Christmas cards to deliver to the elderly at nursing homes as a way to cheer them up during difficult times of 2020, especially during the holiday season.

Stacy Smith shows students an example of the pop-up Christmas card project they will work on. (Presley Sanders)

Lucy Spoering was on of the sixth-grade students to take part in Education Station. Spoering said she believes there is a purpose behind this month’s Education Station project.

“This project made older people happy,” she said.

Spoering enjoys being involved with the program and is happy that the middle school students are able to have this opportunity.

Jayson Epp, another sixth-grader involved in Education Station, said he has a lot of fun during Education Station time. Epp said he looks forward to Education Station every month and glad to be part of a program that helps others and teaches lessons that can be useful throughout the rest of his life.