Students make pottery in art class

Andrew Gaither and Dawson Ellison, both seventh-graders, design pottery projects in art class. (Dylan Harty)

During the course of the school year, Duncan Middle School students in art have been working on creative, unique and fun projects.

For the majority of this month, that project will be pottery. Students were given the opportunity to create their own elaborate coil pots out of air-dry clay.

In previous years, art teachers have used a kiln, an oven used for baking clay, but this year kiln will not be incorporated into the pottery project.

Each student will get to make at least one piece and will be allowed to take them home when finished.

All grades will get to participate in this project.

Every grade will be doing this pottery project, but will be making their own twist on their pot. Many of the pots will be started off as looking the same, but they will gradually get the point where they are all unique.

“This will probably be the only time we will get to do this, due to budget cuts and our time being used on other projects in art,” art teacher Shelly Farrar said.

Farrar said she is excited to see all the different kinds of pots once her students are finished.

Christina Ward shows off her coil pot creation from art class. (Presley Sanders)

In order to help them understand and follow along with the project, students were given a step by step slideshow to see before starting. This project was started last Tuesday, the first day back from break, making this the first project of the semester.

The students will be given around three weeks to finish every aspect of their pottery pots, including shaping, painting, and any other stuff they need to do to perfect their project.

Christina Ward, seventh-grade student, said she is enjoying this project, and says it’s her favorite project because it involves clay, which she loves.

“Mine is different from other people’s pots, because mine’s very lumpy,” she says.