Students become medical detectives in STEM

Isaac Pain and Katelyn Young

Rosie Castle talks with a STEM student during class. (Jackson Poage)

Seventh-graders in Rosie Castles STEM class are learning how inspect and dissect in their new lesson: Medical detectives.

Collin Sherrill and Charly Heath work as medical detectives in STEM. (Jackson Poage)

In the medical detectives program, seventh-grade students will learn how to use clues and how to solve medical mysteries. The students will learn to tell if they are sick and what the illness is.

This will also help them learn if they are interested in the medical field.

“They will dissect a sheep’s brain that is similar to a human brain,” Castle said.

Up to this point in Castle’s class, the student have already completed design and modeling in the first semester.

Castle said she enjoys the medical detective lesson.

“I did the lesson last year, and I absolutely will do it next year,” she said.

Sheep brains are part of the STEM medical detectives lesson. (Isaac Pain)

This lesson is fun for the students and will help them in further years of their life and education. Letting them know if they are interested in the curricular will prepare them for the rest of their life.

The lesson will prepare them for any job in the medical field from a doctor, a nurse, a radiologist, a brain surgeon and many more.

STEM classes help students in their education and in their future career.