Academic Team advances to area

On Feb. 5, the Academic Team members met for their second competition at Faith Church in Duncan.

Unlike the first one, this meet was made virtual because of COVID-19 concerns. This was a regional meet, with the next advancement being area.

When they advance, the next meet is not likely to be virtual like regionals.  

If the team members were going to compete in DMS, the warning and tardy bells would cause a major distraction while answering questions, as would the noises of kids in the hallway during passing time.

To avoid these disruptions, both varsity and junior varsity went to Faith Church to play.

Eighth-grader Ava Miller, varsity member, thinks back on the differences between virtual and in-person competition.

“The competition being virtual made it more fun, because every question was a tossup question where we could work with and talk to our group,” Miller said. “Also, you weren’t given a short amount of time to complete each individual question, instead you had an extended period of time to get all of the questions done in general.”

With this recent meet being virtual, the exact scores are unknown, along with the amount of games won.

“Because the meet was virtual, it was kind of like there was a long line to see the results,” seventh-grade junior varsity member Harrison Talbot said.

Even if the team does not win their rounds, they will automatically level up to the next round or advance to the next competition, which would be Area.

“I feel confident about the meet, and I feel like we did good,” varsity team member Luke McFatridge said.

Academic members are ready to compete again, and they’re excited to know what they placed. Both teams were okay with competing virtual, but hope to be able to go back to regular meets soon.

Megan Bumpas, said “I feel like the meet went pretty well, but we did stall quite a bit, because we did not know the answers.”