Academic Team area competition postponed

Kelan Smith-Johnson, Academics reporter

Less than two weeks ago, the Academic Team meet got canceled because of inclement weather.

There was a threat of snow and icy roads, and to avoid putting people at risk, the meet was canceled. The Academic Meet would have been this past Friday at Cameron University in Lawton. The meet would have determined if the team advanced to state, if their score was high enough.

“I feel sad, and I love academic meets because we get to miss school and do things we like,” varsity member Landon Thacker said. “I was looking forward to going to Lawton at Cameron University, and I feel like it’s a fun activity for people that are smart and gifted. People should definitely try out.”

Seventh-grade member Laura Stewart said the team was well practiced and ready to go for the meet.

“I feel like we practice enough to be ready for meets, so I don’t think I need more practice,” Stewart said. “But I would like to get to go to Cameron University and skip some school, but Academic Team is a really fun activity that people should try out for it.”

Thacker and Stewart weren’t the only team members disappointed by the meet’s cancellation. Noah McFatridge had similar thoughts.

“I was disappointed at first because I was going to miss school, but it would have been too dangerous to go,” McFatridge said. “The meet will probably be rescheduled next Friday maybe.

“The team did well but we don’t know the results of the other schools yet so we don’t know if we significantly improved this year, but we improved.”