STEM students work on robotics projects

Presley Sanders and Sydney Miller

Eighth-graders in Renea Lawler’s STEM’s class recently started their first big project that involves robotics and coding.

Duncan Middle School STEM students are working with robotics and coding. (Presley Sanders)

Students in these classes were given a paper packet with instructions to create a mechanism with wheels, batteries, motors and even a claw. All of these parts come together to create one functioning systems that will prepare students for future assignments.

“With this project, all of the students will be able to start learning python coding language, other than the typical block coding that they’ve been working with,” Lawler said.

Python coding is used in the real world with big manufacturers, so students are getting an opportunity to work with it now. This opportunity could possibly get students a head start on their careers in the future.

“This project is supposed to be fairly easy; so far we’re just learning the basics of coding and robotics,” Lawler said.

This project does not have a set due date, as the class will be going through it together.

Eighth-grade student Ava Miller is thoroughly enjoying the new project in S.T.E.M. Miller truly connects with this new robotic project, though it was a little challenging at the start.

“We had some troubles with certain screws and parts not being able to fit in the right spots,” Miller said. “On certain occasions, we also had troubles with parts not working in general. Some of these new instructions were new to us and we had some misunderstandings, but we were able to work through this problematic situation eventually.”

Miller is enjoying this new project. She loves any kind of hands on projects and experiments.

Once this project is completed, it should be able to work and function properly on it’s own.