No school on Fridays for April, May

Hayden Irby and Presley Sanders

Emily Hallford is excited about having Fridays off. (Hayden Irby)

This year, Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Tom Deighan implemented a new rule for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.

Instead of using late start Mondays, these off hours will be used to take Fridays off of the school week towards the end of year. This way, students will be less stressed and have more time to be able to get “re-charged” for the state tests. These days will not count off for next year’s school year, nor will they be virtual days. 

The last Friday for the semester was March 26.

Principal Rodney Strutton said, “The Fridays off will give DMS students a time to refresh and get ready for the upcoming weeks for state testing.

“I’m ready for these Fridays because the warm weather is starting and fishing time is coming around. I’m very excited.” 

Many DMS students are ready for the Fridays off.

Seventh grader Emily Hallford is excited for these days to come.

“I’m happy because I’ll get to sleep in,” Hallford said. “Also, I love going outside to get some good fresh air. Hopefully it’s warm out though.”

Hallford thinks of the off days as weekends where she can do whatever she wants, with no school work to distract her.

Eighth-grade DMS student Nolan Coskrey is also excited for these extra days off.

“I’m going to have fun spending quality time with my family,” Coskrey said.

He thinks of the off days as being a part of his weekend. He thinks that it was a great idea to take school days away instead of spending these off hours at school. 

Almost every student at Duncan Middle School is excited to have these off days. From this point forward, every school week for the rest of the year will be only four days.

Eighth-grade student Aubrie Stratton is ready to have more free time so she can sleep in.

“I’m excited for having four day weeks for the rest of the year,” Stratton said.

Stratton is ready to have some fun in the sun on her Fridays off.