Students to enroll for next year


Hayden Irby

Summer Heavener knows which electives she would like to take next year.

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Online enrollment for students who have already been attending Duncan Public Schools will be starting soon.

Summer Heavener knows which electives she would like to take next year. (Hayden Irby)

The registration window will be open for students and parents from April 12 through April 22. Students, with the help of their parents or guardians, will be able to enroll for next year online by filling out one or more forms on whatever device is easiest for them.

During the enrollment window, Duncan Public Schools will be spreading awareness about online enrollment by having one on one emails with parents and posting about it on multiple social media platforms.

Everyone should have gotten a paper enrollment form at some point in the school year. Although, if students did not receive an enrollment form, they’ll still be enrolled at Duncan Middle School.

Duncan Middle School counselor Bubba Clark talked about the enrollment process.

“The only downfall of not getting the chance to enroll yourself is that you will have a disadvantage of receiving the classes you selected,” Clark said.

The schedules are trying to be put into the computer system by the first week of June. 

Some students who have already filled in their paper enrollment form give their view on the following year.

Eighth grader Rhylan Whitener is ready for high school to start.

“I’m actually very excited for next year. I’ll be able to do high school cheer and tennis, which are both sports I really love doing,” he says. One of Rylan’s elective choices for next year is choir, which he is also looking forward to.

Another eighth grader, Felipe Villareal, is ready for high school as well. A couple of the electives he chose were Spanish and art.

Summer Heavener, seventh-grader, said she is looking forward to being an eighth grader, and isn’t too nervous about the step-up at all. Some of her electives she chose include PE and STEM.