5th grade pep rally is around the corner

     This year, Duncan Middle School is hosting the annual fifth grade pep rally. This rally helps the upcoming students to feel welcomed and ready for their first year in middle school. This rally will be on May 18, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Following the rally, students will be led in a tour around the school showing the main parts of DMS. This year’s pep rally may be different because of the pandemic, but Duncan Middle School is still excited to be able to have it. 

Duncan Middle School believes the fifth grade pep rally and tour is a great opportunity for the fifth graders. “Groups and sponsors are working hard to either present or have a booth set up to show all the great activities DMS has to offer,” Assistant Principal Christy McIntyre says in regards to the tour. All five elementary schools in the district are able to attend the pep rally and tour, adding up to around 260 fifth graders that will be on campus.

This year, the pep rally is being fitted toward COVID-19 precautions. Because of the risks of having so many students in the same building at once, students are required to stay grouped with their classmates that attend the same school. Following this new rule, Duncan Middle School will be using extra sets of bleachers to properly social distance all students. All fifth grade students that attend the pep rally are required to wear their masks to ensure their safety. 

DMS eighth grader Jakalynn Edwards is excited for the pep rally. She is looking forward to seeing her brother, a fifth grader who will be attending the tour. Jakalynn is a cheerleader, meaning she will get the opportunity to perform a dance at the pep rally. “We’re dancing to the song ‘Levitating’. I’m not sure if anyone else is, but I myself, am pretty ready for it,” she says.