Why are deadlines so important?

Delilah Ballard and Charlee Lafee

Deadlines are very important, and deadlines are used all over the world and everyone has their deadlines. These deadlines are different for everyone and deadlines become strict at the end of the year for students in school. Deadlines can be for any class and that after students go on break they will not be able to remake things up from this semester. These are a few opinions from DMS English teachers.  

Whitney Gd

Mrs. Gdanksi

anski, a 7th-grade English teacher, explains why deadlines are important to her. She says, “If you don’t put a deadline on something it won’t get turned in.” She says that her deadlines for her students are going well and that some kids get their work turned in on time, while others don’t; Students who don’t turn in their work can be very stressed. She explains why it’s easier to work with deadlines: she says, “Deadlines help with learning because if you don’t put a deadline on something, it just continues and never gets done; this can be very stressful for a student and teacher. If you put a deadline on something, you can stop that one topic once the deadline has passed and started a new one.” 

An 8-grade English Teacher, Brenda Hurley, speaks her part around deadlines and why they are important. Hurley believes that deadlines are important because it shows your character and what kind of person you are. It shows that if you try to meet those deadlines they really believe that their grades truly matter and that some just really don’t seriously care. She says that deadlines happen every day in her class and it helps students rise up with their responsibilities. Brenda Hurley said, “I think I am good with my deadlines, and it is fascinating that kids don’t want to meet them.” She said that if you don’t have a deadline, you won’t do it, so you have to hold them accountable. 

These were just a few feelings from a few Duncan Middle School teachers. Every deadline has its responsibilities to everyone, and some are met and others are not. It’s important to set these deadlines because it challenges you and can help with your learning in the future. Tip note: turn in all your work now so then you can finish off this semester with good grades, and you won’t be struggling next semester.