STEM students design their dream bedroom

Mackena Kelnhofer, Academics Reporter

    In 8th grade STEM architecture, they were doing a project about how they wanted their dream bedroom. This part of the project was to calculate how much money your dream bedroom would cost. We asked Mrs. Castle, the stem teacher that assigned this project, some questions about this project. We asked a couple of important questions, we asked her “Why would she assign a project like this to your students?” She replied with “I gave this assignment to my students so that they could learn the real cost of things and get an idea of how expensive stuff they want is.” She also said that they didn’t have a budget but by shopping for all the items in their dream bedroom and finding out how much it would cost for them to get their dream bedroom.

     We then asked a few stem students, the first person we asked was Averie Knapp. We asked her a few more questions than we asked Mrs.Castle. She said that she did not like doing this project. She did not think that it was fun. We asked if it was easy or difficult. She replied with “It wasn’t particularly difficult, but I wouldn’t call it easy either.” She said she would not like to do something like this again.


     The second person we talked to was Riley Miller. She said she had to look up a lot of stuff that she didn’t even know. She did not like doing this part of the Dream Bedroom but she liked doing the other stuff. She didn’t think it was that fun. For her, it was easy and difficult at the same time. She doesn’t know how long it took her to do it. She would maybe like to do something like this again.

   The third person we talked to was Breckyn Root. She liked doing this project. To her it was fun. It was easy for her but was time-consuming. She worked on it for a week or 2. She would like to do something like this again. 

   The last person we talked to about this project was Allie Foster. Some of this project she liked, then some of this project she didn’t. It was fun for her until it was homework. She thought it was pretty easy for her, it just took time. She thinks she worked on it for about a week. She would like to do something like this again if it wasn’t due so quickly.