Report cards at DMS

Devin Johnson and Mackena Kelnhofer

At Duncan Middle School students have report cards that are online and if you requested you may receive a paper copy. Report cards allow the students and their parents/guardians to see how they are doing in school. For Duncan Middle School the official 1st semester grades should be posted in Infinite Campus by January 10th or 11th Although most students already have it posted. Teachers suggest if your grades are not permanent yet on Infinite Campus just keep checking. We asked some teachers about report cards. We also asked how they feel about having online report cards. The teachers we asked were 7th and 8th grade teachers. 

The first teacher  asked was Mrs.Castle, a 7th and 8th grade stem teacher. Castoe feels that report cards are necessary. she likes how grades and assignment information is available online. Since most people have access to some form of technology to access this information. Castle also likes it being online because it prevents papers being lost or not making it home to parents. She  does understand that some parents need a paper report card, that is why it is available by request.

The second teacher  that was asked some questions was Ms.Hurley, an 8th grade ELA teacher. Hurley likes the report cards being online because it is a great way to save paper and more people use online stuff anyway. Hurley believes that report cards are very necessary, so not only the teachers and students are on the same page, but also the parents or guardians. It lets everyone know the strengths of the student and where improvements need to be made. 

The third teacher that was asked some questions about was justin Pena, an 8th grade social studies teacher but also a psychology teacher. Pena thinks that report cards are important because they let the students and guardians know how well you’re doing or not doing. It also shows you what grade you have in particular classes. Pena would like to have an option of both an online and a paper copy, not only as a student but as a parent as well.  

The last teacher who was asked questions was Mrs.Stewart, a 7th grade science and investigating science teacher. Stewart said that she’s not sure that elementary schools do this anymore, but she feels like report cards were more important back when she was in school because teachers would assess the student on various behaviors, as well. Now Stewart just feels like a report card is only for your grades which parents can access all semester long so I don’t see much importance. Stewart would rather prefer paper report cards. This is because not everyone has access to Infinite Campus at home, but when it’s a paper report card it does not guarantee the parents will get to see it.