Catapults For Investigating Science

Last week in 8th grade investigating science students were making catapults and launching marshmallows. Students will also be doing a contest to see who can launch the marshmallow the farthest. This project started on January 4th of 2022. Students have been asked in 8th grade investigating science for information on what they were supposed to do with the catapults and on how they did theirs.

The first student that got asked was Landon Brown. Kena and Devin asked him and everyone else how they made theirs. Landon said he used cans, popsicle sticks, rubberbands, and spoons. He wishes that the project would have been longer so he could make more catapults differently. Landon said that he liked doing the project because he got to fling stuff across the room and not get in trouble because it was the project. Landon would’ve liked to change it by making it taller and angled better. For the project Landon liked the requirements because they weren’t too hard and pretty simple to understand.

The second person that we asked about this project was Kriston Cardona. For Kriston’s project she used a can, hot glue, a plastic spoon, some pencils and rubber bands. Kriston wished it would have been longer because everyone’s catapults were being stolen and they couldn’t make it anymore in time. She thought the project was a little boring. Kriston also did not really like the project because their catapults kept getting stolen. 

The third person that was asked was Andrew Gather. For Andrew’s project he used hot glue, rubber bands, a spoon, and a lot of popsicle sticks. He thought it was just about the right length of time. He thought the project was a lot of fun. When he got done with the project he thought he built it how he wanted it to. He thought the requirements were completely reasonable.

The fourth person that was asked was Andrew Pots. For his project he used popsicle sticks, rubber bands, spoons, and hot glue. He wished the project would have been shorter. He didn’t like doing the project. He wished that he would have changed his catapult and he wished that the teachers would have changed the requirements.

Some people finished this early. This project ended on Monday January 10th of 2022. And was taken for a grade. Meaning if you turned it in after Monday it’s late. Mackena doesn’t know if they put it in a late grade or not.