DMS teachers give their opinions on uniforms

Ayden Belveal , Chelsea Castro, and Ady Meek

Many schools around the world, including many schools here in the United States, have started enforcing a new rule around the way that students dress, aka uniforms.

Although many people are strongly against students having to wear uniforms everyday, lots of people are all for them. 

We decided to ask the 27 of the female teachers here at DMS their opinions on uniforms, and we got a very shocking result. 

Fourteen teachers said yes, they believe students should have to wear uniforms. On the other hand, nine teachers said no, they do not agree that students should have to wear uniforms, and four teachers said that they were 50/50 on them. 

Jill Bates, one of the seventh grade social studies teachers, explained her opinion on the topic, saying:  “I have never been pro-uniform for schools. However, throughout the years I have slowly changed my mind on the topic.  I think uniforms for schools could have a few benefits. One being it would eliminate a lot of the dress code problems we deal with on a daily basis. Two it would eliminate the social barriers between children who can afford trendy clothes and those who can’t afford them.  Giving those children a better sense of confidence if they all have to wear the same thing. Finally a huge benefit would be more long term. In almost every job there is a dress code or uniform you must wear. I feel like having uniforms in schools would help reinforce that part of the workforce atmosphere, helping them prep for their futures.”

On the other side of the topic, Amie Moore, a seventh grade math teacher, explained:  “ I think there should be a dress code that is enforced here at DMS, but I am not sure that  there should be uniforms. I am not sure that parents could afford the cost of the uniform. I do believe that the dress code should be changed and enforced. I do not believe you should be able to wear holes in jeans above the knee. I don’t think girls should be able to wear athletic shorts to school. I also feel that shirts should cover shoulders and bellies.” 

Overall, the topic of uniforms is very hard to decide on, because there are so many different opinions over the topic. Let us know how you feel about uniforms in the comment section down below, or email us at [email protected].