Sixth-graders take part in January’s Education Station

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Stacy Smith leads January’s Education Station program in the Duncan Middle School science lab. (Presley Sanders)

On Jan. 16, sixth grade Gifted and Talented students got the opportunity to meet with the Education Station program.

At this month’s program, students got to make video game controller prototypes on their own out of clay. Students got to create their own controller with their own twists and differences. All of the controllers would look different from each other, as the students were allowed to be as creative as they wanted with their models.

This project taught the students how to create prototypes if they were hoping to become an engineer in the future. 

Logan Sanders is one of the many sixth graders who takes part in the Education Station program.

Sanders has been in Education Station for three years, and much like the other students, enjoys his time there. He has many friends in this program to experience the projects with him, which is one of the main reasons he enjoys it.

In fact, getting to enjoy time with his friends is his favorite part of the program. Sanders would like to increase the time frame of Education Station, having longer periods of time in the program and getting to meet more often.

Sixth-grade students work on their video game controller designs. (Presley Sanders)

Another student who is involved in the Education Station is Evan Sparger.

Sparger is also in the sixth grade and very thoroughly enjoys the program. Sparger did indeed learn something new from this project and had lots of fun when doing it.

He has many friends that also do the program with him and is never disappointed when he is called out of class to participate. Sparger’s favorite part of getting to participate in Education Station is the projects he gets to create.

Sparger has been participating in Education Station for a year now, and would never change a thing about the program.

“In the future, a nice addition to Education Station would be if we got do dissect animals,” Sparger said.